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Used in over 100 countries and in 11 langauges, SPT provides professional sports performance  data that helps teams and players around the world reach success and beat their performance goals. 

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Deonte Mack - Director of Athletic Performance - Eastern Michigan
Deonte Mack

Director of Athletic Performance  |  

Eastern Michigan
While using the SPT GPS data trackers we can monitor our athlete’s loads throughout our training sessions over the week to prescribe the right amount of volume to which our athletes can continue to train hard without the risk of injury or overtraining. 

We also can identify which athletes need more or less volume based on the athlete’s ability to reach certain velocities/speed which determines the overall physical condition or cardiovascular capacity to train more frequently at those higher speeds. 

This system has become a game-changer for our performance staff to prepare our athletes for the demands of competition within their sports and their overall successful outcome, by the management of those workloads and further pushing the athlete’s physical development.
Jake Buckle - Assistant Coach - Missouri State
Jake Buckle

Assistant Coach  |  

Missouri State

Adding the SPT GPS technology to our program it has added another dimension to the way we coach. The coaches and student athletes can monitor the on-field metrics and helps us plan in terms of periodization. Since the start, the SPT staff were always an email or phone call away which was really helpful if we needed any advice in the early stages.

The interface on the website was simple to use and a lot more user friendly than other GPS systems we have used in the past. Overall, I would recommend SPT to any soccer program if they want to go to the next level.

Brad Bielaniec -  Director of Athletic Performance - Appalachian State
Brad Bielaniec

Director of Athletic Performance  |  

Appalachian State

We are really enjoying the SPT platform and data because it gives us the data we need, not the 50 other metrics we don’t. Plus players actually understand the data. Creating custom high speed running zones has also been huge for our program.

Jim Thomas - Head Coach - Boise State Women's Soccer
Jim Thomas

Head Coach  |  

Boise State Women's Soccer

SPT offers us a unique avenue to elevate our program from good to great. By employing SPT GPS we will be able to appreciate and evaluate our players contributions to training and matches in the highest detail, make adjustments to training cycles to truly tailor them to the roles with our system of play and create tangible growth pathways and so maximise the development for each athlete across their tenure at Boise State. 

SPT will become an integral component to us maintaining a championship program and stepping into contention for a national championship.

Scott Hall - Head Soccer Coach - Eastern Michigan University
Scott Hall

Head Soccer Coach  |  

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan Soccer is excited to add SPT's GameTraka to our toolbox of external tracking needs. With SPT we will be able to have accurate measurable data that will help us increase our performance as a soccer team on a daily basis.

Soccer GPS
Tim Ward

Women's Head Soccer Coach  |  

Pepperdine University

As a highly competitive Division I program, we are always striving to be at the top of the league and to get the most out of our players. SPT was extremely instrumental in helping us manage our players and providing us with information to help us make informed decisions.

In addition, the easy to use software and data helped give us a well rounded picture of players, practices, and games. SPT is a great resource for any program looking to be more effective and efficient.

soccer gps tracker
Chris Watkins

Women's Head Soccer Coach  |  

Gonzaga University

SPT has been a terrific way for our program to better execute player daily and weekly loads and maximize individual performance.

It has been integral to our training periodization, recovery, and overall fitness. Even though we have only been using the system for a year, we already feel like we have gathered a lot of important data and information. We are excited to continue using it in the coming years to longitudinally track the progress and evolution of our program.

The hardware is high quality and durable, and the software is user friendly and easy to navigate. There is a lot of quality data that comes out of each session, but not so much that it is overwhelming. Any staff member or player can quickly gather the relevant information they need from the data, without being overwhelmed by it.

It is also the most cost-effective product on the market, with a high quality support staff who is always willing to help. We couldn’t recommend SPT enough!

Cameron Sauro - Assistant Coach - Florida International University
Cameron Sauro

Assistant Coach  |  

Florida International University

FIU made the decision to switch to SPT from a major GPS tracking company [Catapult] to SPT because we felt that SPT was designed for coaches. SPT has simplified the periodization process and allowed us to take our athlete’s development to another level.

Chris Citowicki - Head Coach - University of Montana
Chris Citowicki

Head Coach  |  

University of Montana

There’s a strong correlation between the programs that use these and winning because they’re managing athletes correctly. So, if you have the technology to track, you can manage your athletes better and keep them healthy and they peak at the right time.

Josh Lynn - Head Football Coach - University of Nebraska-Kearney
Josh Lynn

Head Football Coach  |  

University of Nebraska

SPT GPS has made us a better football team by providing pivotal data when tracking training load of our football athletes.  It brings important data every day on our athletes’ performance that is unique to our program.

Chris Tadley - Assistant Coach - LeHigh University
Chris Tadley

Assistant Coach  |  

LeHigh University

We've had a very good experience working with SPT's technology. From the very beginning the staff at SPT has been very involved and helpful through the experimentation stages for me.

This has been a wonderful season thus far using our SPT GPS tracking devices. Very simple and easy to use and apply data on a daily basis.

Barry Beattie - Assistant Coach - University of Bridgeport
Barry Beattie

Assistant Coach  |  

University of Bridgeport

The SPT GPS trackers are an excellent tool for measuring your top athletes against the rest of the players. Players can be held accountable for not giving maximum effort.

Psychologically, the players react positively when they turn their tracker on and go to work. They know they’re being tracked so they give that little extra effort.
SPT GPS has definitely aided our team’s development and took us up another level. It was also a great learning tool for the staff that aids in practice and game planning and decisions.

Socrates Nicolaidis - Women's Head Coach - Jefferson University
Socrates Nicolaidis

Women's Head Coach  |  

Jefferson University

In season 2019 at Jefferson we had zero soft tissue injuries as the data we received helped us rotate and roster and keep everyone healthy. It was also used as a tool to help motivate the players when they compared their data to one another. It created a very competitive training environment.

Our athletes were excited and proud that they had a resource that professional players had access to and it certainly lifted the morale and intensity at every session.

I believe that by using SPT GPS units, it has certainly raised the bar. When players check out the GameTraka and see their results they get fired up!!

Highly recommend that if you have a modest budget that you look at purchasing these cost-effective units for your program.

It certainly has had a huge impact on our program.

Gavin Donaldson - Men's Head Coach - West Virginia Wesleyan College
Gavin Donaldson

Men's Head Coach  |  

West Virginia Wesleyan College

The West Virginia Wesleyan Men's Soccer Team is in its' second year with the SPT Program and the amount of information that is provided has been a tremendous benefit to our athletes!

The players are so enthusiastic about the data provided and are now even more result driven to improve themselves.

David Hoffmann - Men's Head Coach - University of Dallas
David Hoffmann

Men's Head Coach  |  

University of Dallas

At the University of Dallas we have been looking forward to using this technology for some time.  William Spearman (Liverpool FC) and Joe Pelletier (US Olympic Committee) are UD alumni who are the top of the analytics field and I have been consulting with them on how to best use the data.

Joe in particular is excited to see the results as he acts as our MSOC Director of Analytics as a side project.

We use this data to help our players train and play better. The trackers are also great assets for injury prevention and recovery for our players.

soccer gps high school
Darren Bauer

Women's Head Coach  |  

Liberty Hill

We decided to start using the SPT GPS tracking system to provide us with the means to efficiently plan better training sessions, manage injuries and give us an edge in game.

SPT provides those abilities with affordability and an analysis platform with no subscription necessary. Exactly what our program was looking for.

soccer gps tracker
Jorge Leon

Women's Head Coach  |  

Box Hill United

I have been using SPT for the past 3 years and it has been brilliant to support the players and the coaching staff alike in a multitude of areas. Development of sessions, managing workloads, and game analysis to name a few.

It’s a key decision-making tool as well as a motivator for the players. It assists the coaching staff to individually assess player performance and provide evidence-based feedback to the players, enhancing their development and engagement in themselves and the game.

soccer gps tracker
Heather Cato

Women's Soccer Head Coach  |  

St Martin's University

The real-time and post training/game feedback of the SPT program has helped us make in-game adjustments, design and implement sessions, and alter individual training or recovery days.

The college soccer schedule is a compressed format of trainings, games, and travel that can be gruelling on the body. The physical demands of this type of season on our players can put them at risk of injury if not monitored correctly.

The SPT program gives our coaches, staff, and athletic trainers the ability to access and evaluate each players’ daily workload to ensure their health and safety. In addition, the user friendly app and platform allows our players to access, understand, and comprehend their own data for accountability and self-monitoring purposes.

The GameTraka program has been like an extra assistant coach and we are excited to continue our partnership with SPT.

Soccer GPS
Rob Walker

Head Coach  |  

St. Martin's University

I’ve found SPT to be easy to use and easy to integrate into our weekly training program.  

A big challenge for any coach is to match data with a coach’s own instinct or “smell test.”  Our GPS and GameTraka software make this process transparent and easy to apply on a player by player basis.

soccer gps tracker
Justin Schroeder

Head Coach Girls Varsity Soccer  |  

Newport Harbor High School

With the way the High School Soccer calendar has changed over the years, the health of the athlete throughout the season has become paramount. At Newport Harbor we were looking for ways to make sure our athletes were staying healthy while being able to reach peak performance on game day.

SPT sports tracking system was a way to be able to give us the data we needed to reach our goal of Health vs. Performance. The data we received about each individual player after every training session and match gave us the direction and knowledge we required to make decision about the team. SPT's data helped us plan training sessions in regards to intensity and athlete load.

During matches, our starting line ups and substitutions were based upon the information the tracking devices gave us about each player. During the season that we used the SPT tracking system we had no soft tissue injuries and no season ending injuries. 

After every training session and match the players always asked when the data would be uploaded as the software gave immediate feed back to each individual player. SPT provides so much data the players bought in because the data is specific and useful for their own knowledge. 

For any team looking for an edge or to simply keep their athletes healthy through injury prevention; the SPT tracking devices and software will provide everything a coaching staff will need to reach those goals.

soccer gps
Jon Spencer

Head Soccer Coach  |  

Servite High School

Before SPT, we were using another top company for the past 5 years but once we saw what SPT had to offer it was hard to turn down SPT’s superior device. It is the least invasive for our athletes and provides all of the necessary data we are looking for and gives our program an advantage over other teams.

SPT provides us real time data to be able to adjust what we need to stay ahead of the game. We were able to successfully manage and inform our players of the data we were collecting. I definitely recommend SPT to other top level coaches who want to use data driven methods to win.

This year we completed our 7th consecutive Trinity League Championship and won the CIF Southern Section Division 1 Championship. We also competed in the toughest schedule in the country. SPT provided us the information we needed to be able to prepare to win. THANK YOU!

Sonia De Rose - High Performance Manager - Sandringham Dragons
Sonia De Rose

High Performance Manager  |  

Sandringham Dragons

Having the SPT units has driven data led analysis of our programming. The Chronic/Acute work Ratio is measured and assessed in ways that was simply not possible without the units.

SPT deliver simple and easy to use hardware and software. I have been able to pass the reporting tasks on to Club Interns with limited experience and they have found the product straightforward to use. Time and cost effective.

SPT is driving our athletes to strive for productivity each and every minute of training. The shift in their work ethic has been pleasing.

Chris Logan - Head Coach - University of North Dakota
Chris Logan

Head Coach  |  

University of North Dakota

With the rigors of a college soccer season, the SPT program has given us the ability to accurately assess the demands on our athletes and ensure that we are measuring their workloads accurately on a daily basis.

This program allows us to give our athletes some great information that directly impacts their output on the field with a user-friendly format they can access from their phone. SPT has been an enormous benefit to both the staff and the athletes at North Dakota Soccer!

Billy Clery - Manager - Galway WFC
Billy Clery

Manager  |  

Galway WFC

This season we’ve been using the SPT platform for GPS data on all the players. It’s been an invaluable tool for Galway Football Club. 

We've been able to create a pattern for the season on each of the players and with the data, we can see when a player may have an off day or dip in performance.

For the players, the SPT’s have brought a bit of competition to the group and they see how they can get the most out of each other. It definitely has put the standards of the team higher.

Luke Poon - Physiotherapist - Australian National Medical Football Team
Luke Poon

Physiotherapist  |  

Australian National Medical Football Team

What is particularly beneficial about SPT is the tracking of player movements and the data it provides throughout game and training scenarios.

The coaching staff and myself were able to make really strong informed decisions about the structure of the team, the rotation of players and injury management. 

Sean Lucas - Head of Rugby Strength & Conditioning - University of Cape Town
Sean Lucas

Head of Rugby Strength & Conditioning  |  

University of Cape Town

SPT provides us with simple and effective data capturing for our athletes which is vital to our rugby program.

The data allows us to be more accurate, set outcomes and see if we have achieved them. The players also enjoy the technology and appreciate it is an important part in the whole strength & conditioning picture.

Michael Gordon - Head Athletic Trainer - St. Xavier High School
Michael Gordon

Head Athletic Trainer  |  

St. Xavier High School

We’ve used previous GPS tracking software, and this has been a dream in regards to uploading, downloading, and getting tangible information quickly to our staff.

The metrics have been outstanding, and have helped us structure our practices to better mimic game data throughout our week. We love how easy and simple it is to share with our entire staff, and if coaches have a question on a specific issue, we can address and share within minutes. It’s been awesome to break down by player, position, or entire team metrics for our staff, and we are only just getting started!

We have been ecstatic about the price point, and hope to continue to expand beyond our current units to our Lacrosse, Soccer and Rugby teams! 

AFL GPS tracker
Simon Hikaka

Strength & Conditioning Coach  |  

Old Brighton FC

Keeping our players fit, healthy and prepared for game day is obviously our primary goal. The ability to monitor the intensity and volume of player training/playing loads can only help optimise team and player performance.

As an organisation, GPS monitoring is new to us, and it’s still early days but so far it’s all been positive. SPT is providing us with an effective and simple basis for doing this. Set up is simple and the software is easy to use with the Game Day real time monitoring, via Bluetooth and the GameTraka App, already proving to be a great player management tool for us.

Within the player group it has provided a means of inter-player competition and individual accountability. The metrics SPT gives us are simple to understand and are easily communicated both to the Players and the Coaching Staff. Thanks to SPT we’re looking forward to an INFORMED FUTURE.

Kristan Height - Sport Coordinator - Whitefriars College
Kristan Height

Sport Coordinator  |  

Whitefriars College

Whitefriars College have been incorporating the SPT Trackers into their Sport and PE programs. Students have been wearing the trackers in the ACC sports competition for football and soccer where coaches have an opportunity to monitor data from the tracker with the student after the game.

Coaches are able to compare and analyse the data that comes from several players and discuss with them areas of improvement as well as areas of strength. Coaches are finding that the students are very competitive and interested in their data readings.

rugby GPS Tracker
Adam Page

Coach  |  

Brisbane Cobras Rugby

To be the best, you have to prepare to be the best and by having all the data at your fingertips by using SPT devices we gain that extra 10% that is required to win those close games.

We look at distance travelled during a game to monitor player load, we also like the intensity reading to see what effort players are putting in and we also analyse work rate to see if a player is wasting energy by not running the correct lines etc.

If you're not wearing an SPT whilst training or playing then you are missing out on being the best player you can be, be it elite, amateur or beginner! Try it out.... you won’t be disappointed.

Chris Kranjc - Head Coach - Flagler University
Chris Kranjc

Head Coach  |  

Flagler University

SPT has helped us track the loads our players are experiencing and how much they are doing during games and training. We have been able to modify training in ways that I would have never been able to without the technology. 

We design loads/time/rest based on where the players are with their loading and how much effort they have put in. We can then load players appropriately in those sessions. The metrics have been very useful and fits right into how we want to evaluate our players within our style of play.

We have a had a great experience. Great staff that focuses on customer service. Always helpful and just a call away. Highly recommended!

Meagan Thunell - Head Coach - Weber State University Women Soccer
Meagan Thunell

Head Coach  |  

Weber State University Women Soccer

SPT is simple to use while also being affordable. Having only used the trackers for one fall season, we are excited to continue to utilize it going forward and learn how it can positively affect our spring training.

The amount of data that the trackers provide is informative without being overwhelming. They also serve as a motivator for players, as they knew that their hard runs, sprints, etc. were being tracked and compared to teammates within the same position.

This system is worth every penny, and the customer service is top notch.

Justin Goonan - Head of Athlete Performance - Indiana University Rugby
Justin Goonan

Head of Athlete Performance  |  

Indiana University Rugby

SPT has made a significant difference in re-shaping Indiana Men's Rugby training from the very first training the technology was introduced.

Not only are our coaches more informed, but our players have a better understanding of what they can/need to do on their own to best prepare for upcoming seasons or competitions. They are following their own progress and asking questions frequently about what certain numbers mean or how to improve key metrics within their performance.

Right now, SPT and its data is an ace up our sleeve that, I believe, is giving us an advantage over our competition. In addition, the SPT staff have been extremely supportive in providing help when asked while making sure our experience and operation is going above and beyond our expectations.

Lance Hohaia - Head Coach - Davenport University Rugby
Lance Hohaia

Head Coach  |  

Davenport University Rugby

We have thoroughly enjoyed using SPT, the data we collect has helped us tremendously on the pitch, our athletes love the feedback they receive and they have seen the value in having such technology at their fingertips.

We really enjoy the functionality of the units and the GameTraka software. It's easy to interpret and we have found it invaluable for tracking certain metrics that we like to keep an eye on.

We recommend SPT to any sports program looking to take their game to the next level.

high school gps tracking
Mark Freeman

Coach  |  

Thompson High School

The biggest reasons that we purchased SPT were: 

1.Safety of our players - this has always been our #1 Priority: SPT helps us monitor everyone during hot days as well as making sure that we aren’t working them too hard so they don't get as many injuries. 
2. So we can compare to what these guys will be doing in college: A lot of our players will get to the next level, so we want to make sure that we are preparing them the best we can to help them excel at the next level. 
3. Efficiency: We wanted to get smarter with what we were demanding of our players in games and practice to ensure we are getting the best results on Friday nights. 
4. Consistency of demands: We want to make sure that we are training throughout the week for what the demands of the game are.

With SPT we can now make educated adjustments throughout the week to noticeably increase our efficiency. 

High School uses soccer GPS tracking
Fred Kaiser

Head Coach  |  

Liberty High School

SPT has been a Godsend for our program. The information we get from the units has made a huge impact on how we run our practices.

Without a doubt, the money we spent on the SPT units is the best money we have spent in the 15 years our program has been around. The information we get has been truly transformational.

We can not stress enough the impact that SPT has had on our program in a short period of time. There is not a single product that will have a bigger impact on your program.

Soccer GPS system
Darin Compt

Head Coach  |  

Bundoora FC

We used the SPT system from the beginning of the season, tracking training and games. When we compared stats at the start of the year to the end of the year we saw an improvement in every player.

We were undefeated throughout the season and half of the squad were picked up for NPL teams next season. We found that the live data on the GameTraka app really helped us during games to sub the right players on at the right time and know when a player is lacking effort.

Overall the SPT system has worked perfectly for us all season.

hockey gps tracker
Manabu Yamashita

Captain  |  

Japan Hockey

I use SPT GPS because the national team is uses a GPS system and I want to still have access to my performance data in my personal training period so I can check and compare the data to see if I train enough.

This season I played in the Australian league for Southern United Hockey Club in Melbourne. Here I was hoping to compare energy consumption and fitness level with that of my time in Japan.

GPS system for hockey
Anthony Marcano

Head Coach  |  

Trinidad & Tobago Hockey

I think for us the SPTGPS is one of the best investments we have made in taking sport in Trinidad and Tobago to the next level, the metrics derived from the devices play an important part in getting our team to international standards physically.

SPT functionality online allowing us to measure athletes in the same position with metrics is phenomenal during practice and games. For us to track performance of each athlete and reduce the risk of injury also adds value to the product.

The heat map, individual hard running and distance traveled allows us to match our training program to actual game metrics to ensure we maintain the intensities necessary to perform at the high level. SPTGPS is perfect considering the price.

hockey gps tracker
Scott Smith

Head Coach  |  

Australian Schoolboys Hockey

The SPT2 units and vests are great. The athletes and families love the ability to access this data. The value of and the importance of this data became ever increasing as the athletes became familiar with the relevance of the data.

The team recently won the 4 nation tournament in Germany, showcasing the success in terms of athlete performance.

afl gps tracker with aberfeldie sports club
Rhuss Wotherspoon

Strength and Conditioning Manager  |  

Aberfeldie FC

Strength and Conditioning requires informed decisions - SPT GPS technology gives me the ultimate confidence to interpret, apply and implement changes by utilising data.

I now have an enhanced capability to effectively monitor the intensity and volume of our training and games throughout the year. I can prescribe set running volumes and speeds from the data. Injury and training load spikes are a thing of the past with realtime information. The added feedback for players and coach makes their understanding and buy-in for training so much more credible.

St Xavier High School - Sports Performance Tracking
Michael Gordon

Head Athletic Trainer  |  

St. Xavier High School

We’ve used SPT to track 20 lacrosse players and found some pretty interesting results. We wanted to see if we could adjust our practice schedule to better prepare our athletes for the rigours of gameplay, as well as aid in recovery for their bodies and prepare to peak for games.

We had a really successful year this year with a state-runner up finish (after winning state the previous season while tracking), and in large part it helped to keep our players on the field and as healthy and fit as we could by tracking their movement patterns in every game and practice.

SPT has been a vital piece to our health and wellness puzzle that doesn’t just guess with Lacrosse anymore!

gps sports tracker review
Paul Kilpatrick

Head Women's Coach  |  

Bulleen Lions

The game performance analysis has been outstanding and has given the coaches valuable insights into the work rate of the players. Having the SPT GPS system has helped our performance not only on the field but at training too. The players are competitive to reach higher levels and consistently better their key metric results.

For coaching purposes the stats allow me to plan out better suited trainings which ultimately keep the girls fit but also ready to get the best results during games.

afl gps system review
Lyndon Smith

Coach  |  

Millicent Saints Football Club

We use SPT to gain valuable information to our players, particularly those in similar size and stature which also enables some healthy competition between the boys. SPT was first used during our premiership season in 2018. They certainly appreciated having access to the new technology and receiving that immediate feedback certainly put an edge on their opponents.

As a club, we have seen our players run harder and clock up higher work rates and appreciate the quality insights we are now receiving for each individual that wears the units.

Soccer tracker
Bruno Costa

Head Soccer Coach  |  

La Cañada High School

With SPT GPS we were able to objectify players outputs to understand the demands of a match. For instance, in the semi-final CIF match, our most intense game of the year, we were able to see some of our players ran over eight miles in a single game. This was helpful because it set a mark at which we can compare all other performances to.

We also have used SPT GPS to compare players to each other through GameTraka. This gives me some tools of measurement when comparing our players and evaluating them against their peers.

football tracking devices review
Daniel Puscasu

Assistant Coach  |  

Eastern Lions FC

The game performance analysis from SPT has been outstanding and has given the coaches valuable insights into the work rate of the players. The SPT2 live data has helped the players stay engaged in performance for the whole 90 mins of the game.

The price and the simplicity of the software is well suited for any division. Eastern Lions have shown a huge improvement in season 2019 with results but also most importantly, have been able to use the SPT units to help players stay on the park injury free and become fitter, stronger and more competitive.

The Eastern Lions Football Club would recommend SPT for any team wanting to climb up the ladder.

rugby gps review
Todd Thornley

Head Rugby Coach  |  

Central Washington University

SPT gives you an idea of the match demands at our level. We wore them in games and then we could look at the data post game and see the match demands and match up these demands in training and make sure we hit those certain metrics during the week.

That was valuable because you don’t want to over work too much and you don’t want to under work too much. The ability to use the metrics you gain from a big game and integrate it into your sessions and weekly prep was invaluable to us.

SPT gives the ability for players to log in and view their data and they take a special interest in that. It makes it very competitive in training too, when you pair two players in the same position or they are vying for the same spot, you pair them together and they can compete against each other and can see whose working harder.

Rugby sports tracker
Dott. Giuseppe Diana

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach  |  

Rugby Rovigo Delta
As the Strength and Conditioning Coach I need to know how much I can push my players and how to manage load training to prevent injuries. SPT provides feedback on individual player and team performances so I can monitor players and adjust training to meet the objectives of each individual session. For this reason we use SPT GPS to help manage and study the player’s Performances.
Head Performance Coach - Mounties RLFC
Head Performance Coach

Mounties RLFC |  
For all the software and statistics that came with SPT’s hardware for its price, it was a no-brainer. We went from having one team in the grand finals last year to all three this year. The tech and statistics from SPT are monumental in helping us monitor and improve player fitness during and after the key pre-season. It helps us develop the optimum level of intensity for recovery.
Paul Loughhead - Specialist Sport Program Coordinator - Victor Harbor High School
Paul Loughhead

Specialist Sport Program Coordinator  |  

Victor Harbor High School

We believe that student-athletes respond to 'real' data, that they are more likely to engage in the performance improvement process if it is about themselves. We are able to identify areas of strength and have them 'feel' that their strength is recognised, validated and justified. Conversely, we are able identify areas of improvement and tailor specific programs for their needs.

The Football Academy specialist teachers have a platform to discuss the Physiological aspects of the curriculum and students are required to complete a written log to demonstrate their understanding of those aspects.

We chose SPT for the ease of use, it is financially attainable and the platform where data is collected are definitely key attributes in our decision. What we have found so far, is that the students really like the interface that you provide, that they are engaged and have the want to improve through the capability to compare results.