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Used in over 100 countries and in 11 langauges, SPT provides professional sports performance  data that helps teams and players around the world reach success and beat their performance goals. 

In season 2019 at Jefferson we had zero soft tissue injuries as the data we received helped us rotate and roster and keep everyone healthy. It was also used as a tool to help motivate the players when they compared their data to one another. It created a very competitive training environment.

Our athletes were excited and proud that they had a resource that professional players had access to and it certainly lifted the morale and intensity at every session.

I believe that by using SPT GPS units, it has certainly raised the bar. When players check out the GameTraka and see their results they get fired up!!

Highly recommend that if you have a modest budget that you look at purchasing these cost-effective units for your program.

It certainly has had a huge impact on our program.

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Socrates Nicholaidis - Women's Head Coach - Jefferson University
Socrates Nicholaidis
Women's Head Coach
Jefferson University

The West Virginia Wesleyan Men's Soccer Team is in its' second year with the SPT Program and the amount of information that is provided has been a tremendous benefit to our athletes!

The players are so enthusiastic about the data provided and are now even more result driven to improve themselves.

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Gavin Donaldson - Men's Head Coach - West Virginia Wesleyan College
Gavin Donaldson
Men's Head Coach
West Virginia Wesleyan College

At the University of Dallas we have been looking forward to using this technology for some time.  William Spearman (Liverpool FC) and Joe Pelletier (US Olympic Committee) are UD alumni who are the top of the analytics field and I have been consulting with them on how to best use the data.

Joe in particular is excited to see the results as he acts as our MSOC Director of Analytics as a side project.

We use this data to help our players train and play better. The trackers are also great assets for injury prevention and recovery for our players.

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David Hoffmann - Men's Head Coach - University of Dallas
David Hoffmann
Men's Head Coach
University of Dallas

We decided to start using the SPT GPS tracking system to provide us with the means to efficiently plan better training sessions, manage injuries and give us an edge in game.

SPT provides those abilities with affordability and an analysis platform with no subscription necessary. Exactly what our program was looking for.

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Darren Bauer
Women's Head Coach
Liberty Hill

I have been using SPT for the past 3 years and it has been brilliant to support the players and the coaching staff alike in a multitude of areas. Development of sessions, managing workloads, and game analysis to name a few.

It’s a key decision-making tool as well as a motivator for the players. It assists the coaching staff to individually assess player performance and provide evidence-based feedback to the players, enhancing their development and engagement in themselves and the game.

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Jorge Leon
Women's Head Coach
Box Hill United

The real-time and post training/game feedback of the SPT program has helped us make in-game adjustments, design and implement sessions, and alter individual training or recovery days.

The college soccer schedule is a compressed format of trainings, games, and travel that can be gruelling on the body. The physical demands of this type of season on our players can put them at risk of injury if not monitored correctly.

The SPT program gives our coaches, staff, and athletic trainers the ability to access and evaluate each players’ daily workload to ensure their health and safety. In addition, the user friendly app and platform allows our players to access, understand, and comprehend their own data for accountability and self-monitoring purposes.

The GameTraka program has been like an extra assistant coach and we are excited to continue our partnership with SPT.

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Heather Cato
Women's Soccer Head Coach
St Martin's University