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There’s more to winning hockey than simply have a strong offensive or defensive game. Through a combination on Heatmaps and performance metrics, SPT GPS supports hockey players and coaches with the latest tech for getting better match results.

Redefine game structure

In a test of cardiac fitness, speed and agility, it’s essential to track hockey performance indicators like High Speed Running, Sprint Efforts and Work Rate. Whether it’s the full back or the midfield, it’s possible to filter performances so that they’re specific for each position. The ability to share and compare results with SPT GPS will no doubt increase the competitiveness within a team.

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Make calculated decisions

Hockey injuries can’t be avoided, but they can be kept to a minimum. For those returning from rehab, SPT allows users to view overall output levels to detect red flags. When a proven GPS system’s in place, there’s no hiding from being overworked or not working hard enough.

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Hassle-free analysis

With Bluetooth and real-time data, SPT’s sports GPS gives hockey players the advantage to understand their running ability with confidence and convenience.

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