Frequently asked questions

Is the GPS water proof?

Yes, the SPT2 is water resistant. The GPS has been successfully tested in heavy rain. GPS will not work if fully submerged in water however.

Does the GPS work indoors?

No GPS can work indoors, there is a need for receivers to be installed into stadiums etc. which can cost a lot of money and does not fit within our affordable model.

Does the GPS have Heart Rate?

No, HR is variable with things such as caffeine intake, stress, lack of sleep etc. All which affect the HR but do not reflect the ability of the athlete. Instead we have our own sports science intensity measurement of the performance to see how hard the athlete worked over the session.

Are the vests unisex?

Yes, we have both male and female athletes all over the world that get comfortable use out of the compression vests.

Is there a warranty attached?

There is a 12 month warranty that comes with the hardware (GPS)

Does the software support different languages?

GameTraka® now comes in 10 different languages

Any additional features with the GPS?

The SPT2 now has an inbuilt IMU (inertial movement unit) and includes accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer at 100hz.

Can I export my data to Excel?

SPT are currently working on an exciting new project called the Virtual Sport Scientist. Exporting data to Excel will be available through the VSS, stay tuned for details.

How much memory can the GPS hold?

The SPT2 has up to 10 hours worth of logging data.

Will the GPS work in my country?

Yes, SPT is now currently active in 70+ countries being used by athletes and teams from grass roots to professional level.

Do I have to pay for software?

GameTraka® is cloud based and free to use. There are no subscriptions needed.

Is there an app available?

Yes, there is a mobile application available for IOS and Android from the app store.

Do you have live data?

With the SPT2, we now have real time data available via Bluetooth from the GPS through the GameTraka® app.

Having problem connecting to your SPT2 via Bluetooth?

1. Check if you have your bluetooth on in your mobile 2. Bluetooth is less stable when the device's memory is full, make sure you erase SPT2 before you go to the sports field 3. Check if you have registered with the right bar code on the back of SPT2

How many times a second does the GPS record?

SPT2 is a 10hz device (records the GPS points 10 times every second)

Can I download multiple units at once?

SPT now have a Charge Dock that can be used to charge and download up to 15 units at once. For more information contact chris@sptgps.com for Australian customers and paul@sptgps.com for international customers.

Does this work with my computer?

Yes, we support Mac OS X 10.10+ and Windows 10.

How do I get the software?

The software GameTraka® is a website. This means it is cloud based and you can access it from anywhere else in the world.

How long is the battery life?

The battery will last over 6 hours with a full charge (45 minutes).

How long will delivery take?

Delivery should take between 2-10 working days, worldwide.

What can I use the GPS for?

We have a lot of success with contact sports such as Rugby, Hockey and Football. However as long as you are outdoors the SPT2 will track your every movement, no matter what activity.