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Coach’s Guide to Recovery and Wellness Surveys

As coaches, we focus on making training programs and practices to ensure that our athletes are in peak condition to perform successfully during competition. And, we often like to push the boundaries of our athlete’s level of physical capacities. But in doing so, are the athletes ready for the next...

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What Is GPS Technology?

GPS has become part of our everyday life. We jump in our car, type in the address to the destination and follow the directions. You can thank the U.S. military for not getting you lost. And your tax dollars helped develop the satellite-based radio navigation system or what we call...

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Understanding Game Demands in Team Sports

Coaches and trainers prepare athletes to compete; therefore it is vital to know the competitive demands of the sport. As performance expert Fergus Connolly has stated in his book Game Changer – what are we training, practising and preparing for? The answer: The Game! From a physical demands perspective, strength...

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Making the Most Out of SPT GPS For Your Sport

While it’s great to get your hands on piece of tech that gives you a full analysis of your games and training sessions, there’s more to using SPT GPS than merely looking at your GameTraka dashboard and seeing whether you ran further than you did in your last performance. When...

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