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Using the Flying 10 to Maintain In-Season Football Speed

“He …. Could …. Go … All…. The …. Way! Ohhh, but’s he’s caught from behind and tackled at the 10 yard line.”  How many times have we heard this from a TV announcer or seen it during a breakaway run and possible touchdown? In a previous blog, the importance...

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Train Hard and Recovery: Get the Basics Right

Following up on our blog, A Coach's Guide to Recovery and Wellness Surveys, SPT Head of Sport Science, Joe Eisenmann gives his insights on how to get the basics right for adequate recovery: 'In the Recovery and Wellness blog, the training equation (Growth = Stress + Rest) was discussed. I tell high...

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From Field to Weight Room, the Full Performance Picture

As a follow up to 'SPT Discusses Athlete Management with Teambuildr', we take a deeper dive into how users are implementing SPT GPS athlete tracking and integrating it with Teambuildr strength and conditioning data. One such user is The Academy AU, a full-time education and training program tailored for the next generation of Australian...

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GPS Tracking Creates More Competitive Players

Athletes in any sport are instilled with a competitive instinct and it is this instinct that drives them them to succeed. Without performance data, coaches work on assumptions. They risk overworking or underworking their players which can result in an under performing team on game day, negating their player’s competitive...

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