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How Do Coaches Use GPS Technology In Sport?

GPS technology tracks a player movements and breaks down distances covered, speeds attained, and workloads during practice and competition. Several key running and performance metrics are provided in SPT’s GameTraka software which were outlined in a previous blog. Here, we want to provide a quick introduction to how GPS technology...

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Practical Applications of GPS in Team Sports

If you are a coach, strength and conditioning coach, sports medical staff, or sports scientist, your goals include improving performance, faster recovery & reduction of injury. You want to build and maintain fit, fatigue resistant, robust and resilient athletes. Today, many sports teams and organisations are turning to GPS technology...

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A Look Into Training Load Management

The current sports science buzz term is ‘training load’. An easy way to think about the concept of training load is to consider a common question or discussion point amongst coaches and athletes – ‘how hard was practice’? And you’ve surely heard “Practice was easy today. Just wait ‘til tomorrow”....

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Using SPT GPS: Understanding the Metrics

If you are familiar with GPS technology for team sports, you know that it provides lots of data and metrics (if you need a quick refresher click here). Understanding the variables is the first step in using GPS technology. In this blog, each of the running and performance metrics provided...

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