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The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed: shortcuts to increase your maximum velocity, sprint efforts and high-speed running By Damian Kovacevic, Sports Performance Tracking What you need to know: In almost every sport, speed is king. Sled pulls, prowler pushes, banded running and hill sprints can improve our running technique and provide us...

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Live Demo Update

Gametraka Live Demo. Want to familiarise yourself with the updated Gametraka software? You now can with our new live demo! Our in-house tech team has worked tirelessly to deliver you a very professional yet simple Gametraka platform. With updated metrics, you are now able to take your performance analysis to...

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Features of the new SPT Unit

BLUETOOTH: This will enable you to get REAL-TIME data during a performance on your mobile phone (iOS or Android) with our new GameTraka mobile app. Coaches, parents and/or spectators will be able to view key metrics (session length, the distance covered, Zone 6 distances, sprint counts and impact counts) throughout...

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Derry City FC SPT Testimonial

‘Derry City FC have been using SPT for nearly 2 years now. The units are lightweight yet durable and the Gametraka system is user friendly. SPT has offered us great support and are constantly evolving and allow us to have input into the system improvements. SPT offers us the opportunity...

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How to become a ‘big-game’ specialist

Do you rise or fall in the presence of big-game-pressure? Key Take-Aways: How we identify, absorb and control the imminent nervous tension of big games (finals, try-outs etc) is a major contributor to sporting career success. Perception is not reality! You control the ability to negatively or positively perceive high-pressure...

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