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3 Key GT4 Enhancements to Maximise On-Field Experience

3 Key GT4 Enhancements to Maximise On-Field Experience

GameTraka users across the globe have already dived head first into the new 4.0 Software and are taking advantage of the valuable new features now available. Let's look at three key enhancements that have made big impacts for coaches and players.


1. Visual Display of Data for Quick Assessment (Telling a Story):

The context that surrounds external load monitoring data, is almost more important than the data itself. GPS data is highly contextual and without additional information, it is very easy for coaches to fall victim to drawing false conclusions. 

GameTraka 4.0 (GT4) allows coaches to visualise data with event details driving the insights. For example, the image above has wins vs loses identifiable with green and red. Coaches could then take this further and filter out events when the weather was hot or cold, pitch sizes or even opposition tactics. Now, not only can coaches see team and athlete GPS outputs, they can then also see the context around the information they are looking at.

Tagging and event details in GT4 are fully customisable and allow users to view any tags they would like (these are added to events during the upload process). Importantly, now coaches have more information displayed in an easy to understand format that can help them make informed decisions.

With GT4, there is no need for coaches to undertake a complex dashboard building process as it hosts easy to read graphs and tables that display data in the most appropriate, easy to digest format. Coaches or sport scientists often build dashboards that might look nice, but carry with them complex or even useless information that does little to add to the decision making process.

2. Quick Navigation Functionality:

The sidebar panel houses quick navigation buttons. There is an ever present need for coaches in the field to have a means for quick navigation to maximise the time they spend with any technology system.

The navigation pane in GT4 is designed to make page navigation seamless on both desktop & mobile, giving coaches more time back to spend completing other tasks. The design methodology is simple, quick and easy to use. That's it, nothing fancy just efficiency.

The coaches that we work with to build our systems needed a solution that made navigation efficient and intuitive. GT4 can now take you where you want to go quickly or you can move at your own pace within an event or team.


3. Fully Mobile Responsive:

The GT4 web based software is fully responsive and will automatically identify the screen size of your device (and size of window). This allows GT4 to fully function on mobile devices and tablets. GT4 will have the look and feel of a ‘native app’ and allow users to use every feature no matter how they choose to interact with the site.

The build process of GT4 was guided by the key requirement of a site that is fully functional and usable on mobile devices, giving birth to the collapsible sidebar controls and all of the buttons within it.


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