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The NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash

Humans are fascinated with speed – getting things done faster, microwaves, cars, productivity hacks, cheetahs, and yes, human beings getting from point A to point B on their own two feet. Indeed, the 100 meter dash at the Olympics captivates us. We actually label the winner – the world’s fastest...

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NCAA Soccer Champs Talk GPS Tracking

On December 1, 2018 the University of Bridgeport Women’s Soccer claimed the 2018 NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer National Championship with a 1-0 victory over previously undefeated Grand Valley (MI) State University. Shortly after the season, we caught up with assistant coach Barry Beattie who provided us with some insight...

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What Is GPS Technology?

GPS has become part of our everyday life. We jump in our car, type in the address to the destination and follow the directions. You can thank the U.S. military for not getting you lost. And your tax dollars helped develop the satellite-based radio navigation system or what we call...

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SPT Discusses Athlete Management with Teambuildr

Our Lead Sports Scientist, Ben Sharpe, teamed up with the guys at Teambuildr to explore the advantages provided to strength & conditioning coaches when utilizing and combining the sports GPS data of SPT with the Teambuildr software. Ben specialises in the development and implantation of holistic athletic development programs with...

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