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SPT Podcast EP #2: Georgia Black

Join us for the second instalment of the Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) podcast with Georgia Black, high performance expert and lecturer at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). Georgia recently finished her Doctor of Philosophy in Sport Science. She explored the influence of physical qualities on the profiles of female athletes...

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SPT Podcast EP #1: Nick Leman

The SPT Podcast kicks off with an in-depth interview with Nick Leman. As a triathlete, coach and advocate for GPS tech, Nick plays an active role in high performance, rehabilitation and return-to-play. Highly experienced in the field, he currently heads the medical and sports science departments at Seattle Reign Football...

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The VAFA Study: How Divisions Compared

Do athletes in the high-level divisions really stand out against those in lower divisions? The Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) is home to former Australian Football League (AFL) athletes, semi-professional local competitors and footballers who play for fun and leisure. With such a diverse participation base, it’s expected to see...

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Why It’s Not Enough to Go the Distance

If you can’t outrun them, outsmart them Players who cover the most ground aren’t necessarily the hardest-working members of a team. Let’s use soccer as an example. A lousy midfielder may run a fair distance and look busy across a field. But that doesn’t mean their efforts are being used...

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