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How GPS Helped Eastern Michigan Win First Bowl Game in 35 Years

How GPS Helped Eastern Michigan Win First Bowl Game in 35 Years

Eastern Michigan decided to invest in GPS tracking through Sports Performance Tracking as a way to reduce the risk of injury from its athletes and develop better training programs to maximize performance. Orginally, the Football program was the first team to partner up with SPT. After seeing immediate success, both the Soccer and Lacrosse programs also added SPT’s GPS tracking system. With affordably priced units and easy to use software, all programs could scale to outfitting the entire team.

“While using the SPT GPS data trackers we can monitor our athlete’s loads throughout our training sessions over the week to prescribe the right amount of volume to which our athletes can continue to train hard without the risk of injury or overtraining.

We also can identify which athletes need more or less volume based on the athlete’s ability to reach certain velocities/speed which determines the overall physical condition or cardiovascular capacity to train more frequently at those higher speeds.

This system has become a game-changer for our performance staff to prepare our athletes for the demands of competition within their sports and their overall successful outcome, by the management of those workloads and further pushing the athlete’s physical development.” Deonte Mack, Director of Athletic Performance

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