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How Do Coaches Use GPS Technology In Sport?

GPS technology tracks a player movements and breaks down distances covered, speeds attained, and workloads during practice and competition. Several key running and performance metrics are provided in SPT’s GameTraka software which were outlined in a previous blog. Here, we want to provide a quick introduction to how GPS technology...

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From Field to Weight Room, the Full Performance Picture

As a follow up to 'SPT Discusses Athlete Management with Teambuildr', we take a deeper dive into how users are implementing SPT GPS athlete tracking and integrating it with Teambuildr strength and conditioning data. One such user is The Academy AU, a full-time education and training program tailored for the next generation of Australian...

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SPT Podcast EP #4: Anna Drayton

In the forth instalment of the SPT podcast, we introduce Anna Drayton - a player in the womens development team at St Mary's Salesian AFC. Chrissy chats to Anna about her own experiences with Australian Rules Football in the sub-elite level as well as the growth and development of the...

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