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Monitoring an Athlete's Load with High Performance Manager, Luke Menadue

Luke Menadue is the High Performance Manager at kb. Performance, a high performance facility specialising in female athlete development in Melbourne, Australia. Luke shares his insights on methods used to successfully manage athlete load. When looking after teams or athletes, one area that I’ve found to be vital to their performance is the amount...

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SPT Half Time Talk Podcast EP #6: Taj Lynch

In this episode of the Half Time Talk podcast, we spoke with Australian Pararoo player, Taj Lynch. The Pararoos are Australia’s national football team for athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or symptoms acquired from stroke. They are footballers determined to change the game and push to achieve excellence beyond expectations.Taj...

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Lower Body Strength and Athletic Performance

“The legs feed the wolf.” A strong and powerful lower body is vital for athletic performance. The lower body is the base for running, jumping, changing directions and it also serves as the engine in the kinetic chain as it generates the power that is transferred for upper body movements. ...

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