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5 Rugby GPS Tracking Hacks

The 2019 Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan today and it will be the first time the tournament will be held in Asia, bringing the world's top 20 national teams together to compete for the Web Ellis Cup. Rugby is an intermittent high-intensity sport, characterised by repeated efforts including accelerations, directional...

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In-season High School Football Strength & Conditioning

As the summer strength and conditioning program has come to an end and we turn our focus to the high school football season, most of the coaches’ attention will be on installing offensive and defensive schemes and plays and teaching and refining techniques. However, it is important not to forget...

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Train Hard and Recovery: Get the Basics Right

Following up on our blog, A Coach's Guide to Recovery and Wellness Surveys, SPT Head of Sport Science, Joe Eisenmann gives his insights on how to get the basics right for adequate recovery: 'In the Recovery and Wellness blog, the training equation (Growth = Stress + Rest) was discussed. I tell high...

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SPT Half Time Talk Podcast EP #5: Luke Menadue

In this episode of the SPT Half Time Talk podcast, we hear from High Performance Manager, Luke Menadue. He shares his journey into sport science and the valuable insights he has learnt about the sports industry along the way. To learn more about the benefits of athlete monitoring technology, click here.

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