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How Maintaining Optimal Hydration Improves Player Performance

In sport and strength training, maintaining an optimal hydration status has been shown to improve both performance and recovery outcomes. Depending on your sport, uniforms, equipment and length of activity, all play an important role when it comes to dehydration among players. Dehydration can have serious implications and can have...

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Lacrosse U.S. National Teams Partner with SPT

The U.S. National Team Program is adding Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) GPS technology to its toolkit to help train the nation’s premier lacrosse players. SPT becomes the official on-field performance tracking device for the U.S. national teams. “The U.S. National Teams Program decided upon the SPT technology for two simple...

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Carolina Rugby9s Tournament Monitoring Performance with SPT

As a global leader of GPS Tracking Technology in the game of Rugby, Sports Performance Tracking is proud to be a partner of Carolina Rugby League and excited to be the Title Sponsor for the upcoming Carolina9s Rugby League Tournament 2019.  Carolina Rugby League (CRL) and Carolina League Academy (CLA)...

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