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Patriot League Champions using SPT Technology

With a soccer program that has been on the rise for the last three seasons and having earned the 2019 Patriot League Men’s Soccer Championship, the Lehigh University men’s soccer team has firmly established itself among the competitions best. Before the 2019 season, Lehigh University introduced SPT performance technology to...

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Guide To Recovery: Recovery Modalities

Our latest e-book, Practical Guide to Recovery, looks to understand the contributing factors that cause fatigue and in turn, help guide targeted recovery strategies. There are a number of known recovery modalities available to athletes. It is important for individuals to experiment and select the structure that works best for them. It is also important...

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Why Football State Champions Use Performance Tracking

In December 2018, Central-Phoenix City Football rolled over an injury-riddled Thompson Football team to win the Class 7A state title at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Alabama, USA. In order to get their injuries under control and have better understanding of the demands placed on their players, the coaching team headed by...

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