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Repeated-Sprint Ability of Hockey Athletes

Field Hockey is a game that has recently undergone significant modification. The introduction of artificial turf in the 1970s changed the pace and style of the game and the introduction of various rule changes modified the game. In turn, these changes have evolved the physical demands of field hockey athletes...

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Agility and Change-of-Direction

In field based team sports, a significant change in direction or velocity can decide the most important moments in a match. If an athlete can rapidly change direction at any given moment, it could decide if they are first to a bouncing ball in dispute, able to evade their opponent...

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Looking into Hamstring Injury Prevention

Hamstring muscle strains are common injuries in sports that require maximum sprinting, kicking, acceleration, and change of direction. A significant amount of time is lost from competition and training (18 days on average) after a hamstring strain injury which can be devastating for athletes and sport teams. A major problem...

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The Importance of Preseason

Our e-book, Preseason Training Plan, provides athletes with a weekly schedule and training drills to guide them on how best to physically condition themselves for the demands of the season ahead. Team based field sports require athletes to undertake large internal and external loads such as running at high speeds. For athletes...

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